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Bike fit help.

I recently had a proper measuring session after which the chap at the bike shop produced a drawing with loads of lines and numbers on it. He was measuring me up for my existing road bike (which I now know is too big for me at 545mm). When I told him I was thinking about buying a TT bike he produced another drawing with different lines and numbers on. The ideal seat tube measurement for a road bike for me is 524mm (fair enough) but my ideal seat tube measurement for a TT bike is 480mm.

Quite a difference. Should you buy a smaller frame size for a TT bike than you would a road bike? Or do you think he's messed the numbers up.

Can anyone help before I spend £2k at wiggle?


  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    ... more importantly than seat tube, what about your top tube/reach?! You cannot take a single measurement out of the equasion to base the bike position/frame fit on this number. I always thought that I need a 64cm seat tube until I found out that my reach/top tube was my limiter. I now ride a bike with a smaller frame, but correct top tube and feel/perform much better than before.
  • hathat Posts: 10
    If I buy the bike I want with a 520mm seat tube then the top tube and stem measurements a spot on.

    If I buy the 480mm or 500mm they are too short in the top tube area + they only come with 650 wheels.
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