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bab...ermmmm bikes names..!

he is italian, fast, red like a ferrari, sexy, shinny, sleek, he joined my life and household yesterday and 24hours later he has a name: angelo-faramondo-d****ani- bianchi
angelo because i have a thing with angels and i wish him angel wings on his wheels to travel fast and take us both to great destinations, faramondo because it means journey protection and i wish all my journeys will be protected and safe - d****ani because ermm's that's my surname, and bianchi for his family and breed name.......

...........WRONG ....??????


  • I have Tabitha the Twitchy Trek bike and Gavin the Giant!
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    In answer to your question - yes that is very wrong... but who cares?
    My hybrid is called - Steve the pirate, because there are occasional weird noises that made me think of a pirate - garrrr, and a squeak followed by a bump that sounded like a peg leg... Wrong? very.
    My roady is called Gladys, because she's a Gladius...
  • sportevesporteve Posts: 141
    ha ha..great.... i feel i am in good company!!!!

    this thread is useless without pictures
  • BB because he's baby blue and size small :roll: nothing wrong with naming your bike my car has a name - makes me feel less mad when talking away on my own - hmmm probably doesn't look like that to others
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