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Ironman 70.3 Austria.

I just entered Austria 70.3 and was told it was a fairly flat course! However looking at the course profile, the bike appears to have two pretty nasty climbs.
Can anyone give me any info on the course and what to expect particularly on the bike. I have competed at this distance several times before but I am not the best climber!


  • didds did it this year - he's your man for course info.

  • Ironman is really great, andhttp://www.sneakerup.us great as well
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Yes I am quite sure that snearersarareses.com are great.

    do not worry about the profile,did the race in 2009,I am not a great hill climber on the bike,but the steepest of them can be spun up,I was able to spend most of the climb on the aerobars,and only had to get out of the saddle a couple of times.
    A couple of the descents may cause a small hiccup if it rains heavily but,not too technical.
    Great course,well organised,and the part of the bike course on the closed autobahn,it doesn't really get much better.Enjoy.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    echo everythiung Jon says.

    I'm 102 Kgs and I got up the hills fine. make sure you do some hill trainng obviously but gansbach (8 Km climb) is just a slog, nothing horrible, Coming down the other side is non technical so you can make time up PDQ - 75+ kph down through the villages .

    The first descent after the motorway is a tad technical so watch your speed down there, especially in the wet.

    Its a lovely bike route with the bonus of riding the motorway for the first 18 Km

    split lake swim, kind of goofy, flat run. Lots of aid stations.

    Great race!

  • Thanks guys, it's nice to get a straight answer! Feel better about the race now and having done the New Forest Middle twice now it doesn't sound like there's too much to worry about!
    Thanks again.
  • BexHBexH Posts: 226
    I've entered this. Whoops.
  • jlovattjlovatt Posts: 3
    Sorry to bring an old thread back to the top, but as we already have the topic in place...who is going to Austria in May?

    My brother is competing and we've decided to take the car across, so an open invite for someone wanting to share fuel costs then please PM me. Exact dates to be confirmed so can be flexible.

    FYI - My brother is hoping to qualify for the world championships this year and more info can be found at www.marclovatt.com - He got mightly close in the UK 70.3 last year!
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