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Focus Cayo Ultegra 09 v Cube Agree GTC 2010???

After have my Colnago Primavera stolen from my shed I'm having difficulty deciding what to spend the insurance money (1400 quid) on, so far I've narrowed it down the the 09 Focus Cayo Ultegra (£1279) or the 2010 Cube Agree GTC Pro (£1600).

I don't know much about bikes and I'm looking for one to train and race on as I'm very new to triathlon. Both run Ultegra but the Cube has FSA brakes....my intial thought is to go with the Cube but thats mostly based on it how it looks rather than whether it is value for money. Can anyone advise me whether to splash the cash on the Cube or get the Focus and spend the rest of the money on extras like bottle cages/computer.....



  • okennyokenny Posts: 231
    my buddy has an Agree - nice ride!
  • Hi,
    I'm guessing you've read the reviews re the Cayo from the Wiggle.co.uk website? If not there are loads there - two from magazines (one from our own 220 mag!).
    I bought the Cayo a few weeks ago and its a very nice bike. The gears are very smooth and its responsive once you get on the power.
    Its a little heavier than I expected and not the most spectacular looking bike though. But for the price its a very nice bit of kit with a great spec, and I'm pretty pleased with my buy (just wish it would stop raining long enough for more spins on it!!). As you say, the saving allows you to kit the bike out..or put it towards some nice wheels........?!
    I just hope it gets me round my first UK 70.3 course in June without too much trouble.........
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