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Heart Rate vs Effort Issue

Hi everyone

Would appreciate your advice on an issue I've been running into.

I'm a big fan of heart rate training and have been building my stamina over the last nine months.

The problem I've hit is that I now find it difficult to get my heart rate up to the correct 155bpm. I've been using Life Fitness bikes, cross trainers and running machines with a Polar heart monitor.

This morning I was on the bike and even at 290 watts of effort I was only at 140bpm, but the effort level was very high.

I switched to the cross trainer and was at 270 watts for 156bpm. Again at a high effort level.

The amount of effort I'm exerting seems very high for my heart rate.

Is it just that my heart has adapated better than my muscles?

Should also add that I am migrating from ultramarathons to triathlons.

Thanks for any feedback.



  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425

    I suppose the question that needs asking is what would you expect your HR to be at those power outputs and what power & HR would you expect from that level of effort?

    As you get fitter you should either expect to output the same power at the same HR or output more power at the same HR.

    In most athletes the heart has a greater capacity to pump blood than the muscles can use. It is the muscles demand for fresh oxygenated blood (or rather the brain telling the heart that CO2 levels in the circulating blood are getting too high) that raises HR. With your ultra background your heart capacity should already well developed.

    If you can't reach the expected levels of HR for a given level of effort it could be that you are a bit tired & need a some R&R. Could be due to hard training or stresses from elsewhere in life such as work.

    Hope this helps

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