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Cannondale Bike Prices

Has anyone noticed that all the cycle web sites & cycle shops are quoting the same price for the Cannondale Synaspe 105 Triple, that being £1899.99. What ever happened to competition?

If anyone has a good enough answer please let us know, especially this one.

The other question is why have Cannondale put 700x 25 on the bike, surely everyone has spare tubes 700 x 23. Is it therefore possible to change the size of the wheel before you buy the bike or do the smaller tubes fit OK ????????????


  • Can only assume they are all sticking to the list price, it does happen with other bikes as well.

    As to tyres and wheels, 25 and 23 tyre should fot the same rim (possibly 19 wide), but you'll need to check the rim size first to be sure.
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