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Swimming training

Reading a book on swimming training at the mo. Trying to get my 750m from 11.30 down to 10.30 over the winter.

The book suggested including 'off strokes to work outs'

So last night after a warm up and some drills tried 5 x 100m medley. Fly-breast stroke-back stroke-free style.

How hard is fly! okay for the first 15-20 meters then it felt like just my fore arms were coming out the water!
And today my shoulder is done in! very sore! been milking it all evening with the missus!!

Other than ice and rest any one got any fast remedies for swimmers shoulder!

cheers dudes and dudets


  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Swimmers shoulder - get the catch and pull right and it should disappear of its own accord. Assist with physio and/or remedial massage.

    You know the stuff: Pull hand & forearm into vertical position pointing down keeping elbow high, arm bent 90 degrees at elbow, depress the shoulder to egage lats and push/rotate. Somebody else can probably explain better.
  • It's aslo worth doing non-weightbearing shoulder mobility exercises, just to keep everything in working order.
  • Oooh poor you. Im almost recovered from a bad shoulder (from swimming) which happened weeks ago. Havent done much swimming on it though.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    I envy you being able to do fly at all, when i last tired i was told that a drowning elephant would have made less noise and splashing...

    i have a sholder injury at the moment (caused by laying on the sofa with a hang over and reaching for my tea on the coffee table) it still hurts 5 weeks on so come pay day i am going to get myself to the physio for some fixing.
  • Nice one!!

    I don't think it is my swimming technique done the same front crawl stroke for years and never had any problems. Must be my Fly or back stroke.

    I'll think twice next time I'm reaching for my cup of tea!

    Went to the doc today. 'Good God' he exclaimed as he lifted my arm out and hear my shoulder joint crunch!
    He then proceeded to tell me I had a 'crunchy shoulder!'

    Told me too keep icing it and go for some physio!
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