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Chi Running

anyone working through Chi running for the winter months?...reading a lot but not doing the exercises just yet! and be good to compare stages/experiences etc...


  • I've read the book, tried some of the drills etc, I think my running improved slightly, more efficient, and less tired, but I don't think I;ve got the whole thing. It's the same as swiming, difficult to do on your own, and much easier of you;ve got an expert watching and telling you where you are going right and wrong.
  • ironkavironkav Posts: 259
    Im booked in for a course in Dublin on the 19th December. Reading the book at the moment. I suffer from ITB pain a lot and it helps me. I havent ran over 5k yet though since original injury. Its the long runs that hurt most.

    Ill send you a pm after course if you want.

  • yep please do , didn't realise they ran workshops in europe thought it was all US based.....more money to 'budget' for cheers
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