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Uk Ironman 2010 and beironfit


I am planning on doing the UK Ironman 2010 - I've read the 'beironfit' book by Don Fink, and I'm starting the 30 week program early next year.....

Does anyone know when the Uk Ironman is yet?

and those people that did follow the training program last year - how good was it do you think?

There was a very good thread on here with the people that were following the 30 week training program - keeping us up to date. - can't seem to find it now.


  • Currently, the main Ironman website is saying that IMUK is on 01st August.

    I too am attempting to follow the BeIronFit Competitive plan, and started proper training early in the New Year. Fungers crossed it does what it says on the can.
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