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Orca service - great

In case you are thinkgin about buying a wetsuit I thought I would share my recent experience.
Shortly after buying it, my Orca Equip wetsuit started to lose the little patches which cover the seam joins inside the suit. I checked with the shop where I'd bought it and was told they had seen it before, I should bring it in when I can have a few weeks clear without it so that they can send it to the supplier. My few clear weeks didn't come until the end of the season due to me training in open water virtually every week. I was amazed after returning it, that the supplier sent me a brand new wetsuit. So I got a full season's training and racing, then a brand new wetsuit. Great service, thanks Orca (or whoever the supplier of these suits is).
It's fair to say the shop (TFN) were very helpful too as they always are.
I hope this helps somebody make a decision.


  • ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
    My experience was unfortunately much worse. Orca Apex 2 - First all the patches fell off the seams, starting the first time I used it. Again I used it and returned it to TFN (who were helpful, but ended up asking me to ring Orca to sort it out) at the end of the season, in my case after Ironman UK in August.

    It took 2 months before it was returned, and only after I rang up the person at Orca myself and requested that it was sorted out pronto. I initially asked why it had been with them for 8 weeks and was told, with no apology, that she'd been on holiday so what did I expect. Arrived back with most of the patches replaced but not the strips at the end of the legs and arms, which had also fallen off. Also the 'grip' the water patches on the forearms fall off for fun.

    Bottom line - not impressed with quality of construction of Orca Apex 2, very unimpressed with customer service by ORCA. Definitely will not buy orca again, couldn't recommend them to anyone.

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