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OT: What to do in Newport (Gwent)

have to ditch my aquathlon tomorrow (sat) morning as i HAVE to have a passport in order to apply for a security cleared job, even though i am currently and actively security cleared anyway. SO I HAVE to go to newport (gwent) tomorrow morning to get one asap. (Not got one at moment as last one ran out in may and I had no need for one until next may and didn’t want to pay for a year to sit in a drawer).

My son, aged 14, into science and animals (bless him!) is coming with me. So rather than drive there, then drive back I thought I could make it a day out….

any ideas what to do in the Newport area? preferably not too much further west as we have to come back later!




  • Cardiff Bay is just down the road there's Techniqust there a Dr Who exhibition and a great Olympic pool and fun pool.
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Newport velodrome? Could end in tears tho'.
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