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Hey Everyone,

I've decided to dip my big toe into the world of Triathlon by entering a couple of Sprints next year so I can feel for it. I'm reasonably fit, do a lot of cycling, have always been a strong swimmer and as for running, well, there could be some improvement. Anyway, I'm not looking to blow the field apart or break any records but I was wondering what sort of splits I should realistically try and aim for? It would help with training and it would be good to have a rough sort of time to aim for.

Any help greatly appreciated!


  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    It is very hard to suggest a split time for each part as you cannot compare one race to another as courses vary so much. Its only the swim you can have a good guess at as its in a pool and the differences between times for the 400m will be determined by how many people are in your lane and how much overtaking you have to do.

    Generally speaking.....

    a sub 6:20 swim will get you a very good split for the swim leg. You dont see many sub 6 apart from the seriously fast guys/gals.

    The bike is very course specific......I have done a sprint bike leg in 25 mins before now but it has been flat.....and nearer 40 mins for a hilly course.....

    The runs vary so much aswell..... My goal is to get sub 18 mins on fast flat courses maybe even in the 16s if im going well but then on some courses I have been just sub 21mins....but then I go to every race aiming for at least top 5.

    If you break the hour on most courses overall your doing very well.

    As long as you cross that line, promptly collapse with your heart in your mouth and your HR monitor (if you use one) screaming at you cos its saying your have a heart rate that is close to being impossible, feeling sick and that you couldnt put another ounce of effort in then it doesnt matter about the time or position.
  • I think Hussler's comments provides the view of the Elite / young guns. As to the Numpty's propping up the middle / back of the pack, if it's a Sprint, I'm happy if my time is under the hour-and-a-half mark. Again, difficult to give splits per discipline, as all races are different.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i think that if you can do the 400m swim in about 7-8mins, post 18+ mph on the bike and approx 8min/miles on the run then you'll be a solid, mid-table finisher in most events.
  • jacjac Posts: 452
    Which sprints are you entering?
    You should be able to find last season's results to give you an idea of where you might feature based on your current ability.
    You will improve massively between now and race time, but make sure your target times are realistic.
    What you don't want to do is set your goals too high - and not achieve them.
    Better to set the bar lower early on and be pleased with what you achieve.
    And don't become obsessed with times.
    Time yourself now in each of the disciplines and then re-test yourself once a month.
    There's a danger you can look to break your previous time in every training session, which isn't what training is about.
  • Thanks for the replies everyone.

    To give you an idea I'll be doing the Eton Supersprint in May then the Windsor Sprint in June. The distances vary slightly and I've been told that for part of the Windsor swim you're against the current as opposed to the more calm sedateness (allegedly) of the lake at Eton! As a newcomer I won't be setting the bar high but I'll want to set it at an acheiveable place where, with the proper training, I can walk or crawl away from the finish line feeling pretty chuffed with myself.

    As an aside, apart from the obvious things, what's the one piece of kit that you just can't personally do without?
  • you should open another post for the kit question....then get ready for the deluge, one thing you will find out is all Tri folks are kit obsessed...

    i only started out this year...however took individual times once per month per discipline to see the improvements then with some practise was approx 5-10% better come race day.
    However kit improvements later on may have had a lot to do with it!

    also, much closer to the race time practise your Transitions lots of time to be saved here...an another topic on it's own, but wouldn't worry about that until next year...
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    Who is this 'chancer' conehead?

    Explain further......

    What do these 'rookie' weekends involve?
    I have heard they are excellent value for money and are ran just like rookies need them to be
  • CH - have you set the dates on the rookie days 1 & 2 ?...missed them last year...not looking for the going long or France trip yet
  • Do plenty Bricks.
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