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What have you entererd for next year?

so i am now signed up for
NEC Duathlon in March..(1st ever duathlon)
ChaseRace OW Sprint in June...(1st ever OW swim sprint)
ChaseRace OW OD in August....(1st ever OD!!)



  • The Outlaw L.D. tri in August
  • ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
    Big Beaver, May
    Outlaw, August

    Thinking Dambuster and Vitruvian, maybe Ripon for the family. Rough ride and HONC (both MTB)

    That's my budget gone.

  • pippip Posts: 170
    Trentham big half and Tatton Olympic again
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Outlaw - one of first 100 entered, doubt that will be my placing

    Yet to enter my usual Mansfield, Lincoln Woodhall Spa and Nottingham Sprints because I love them

    Possibly Norwich OD

    Others still mulling over
  • A very expensive Blenheim sprint beginning of June.
  • Norwich OD
    I'm thinking of doing that when is it usually and where abouts in Norwich?
  • IM Wisconsin in Sept....gulp!
  • Oh yeah
    Tough Guy in January
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385

    I think about July'ish and its at the water centre near the snowboarding centre can't recall the name for now. I enjoyed the Sprint 2 years ago, couldn't get on last year as it booked up quickly
  • LexLex Posts: 65
    Austria 70.3 - May

    London Tri - Aug - have never done and probably will never want to again but needs to be ticked off the list

    Timberman 70.3 - Aug - bit of New Hampshire countryside then a week on the beer
  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    Thames Turbo Triathlon in May
    Windsor OD in June

    Thinking about:
    London Duathlon in September
    Bala OD
    and still looking for a middle distance or HIM that is suitable for first timers .... any suggestions?!
  • ah.... wish someone hadn't mentioned Trentham...just entered the OD ..same day as world cup final so could be a good day all round!
  • London OD - Doing it for charity so wanted a big name people recognise. My first OD!

    Arundel Sprint - Not signed up yet but will do.

    Was going to do Windsor or Blenheim but the cost on top of London would be just too much so looking for a sprint near London that I don't have to drive to. May do the Crystal Palace one or Hampton.
  • joolzdjoolzd Posts: 245
    Couple of Dualathlons in Feb/March...big & small
    Grendon Qualifier for Sprint in May
    Windsor OD (first OD!)

    Not sure what after that.....
  • I am going for it next season

    do all the world qualifers for olympic distance

    and using the sprints as warm up and back up

    may do weatherby early on as well

    looking forward to bala at the end of the season

    move up a age group next year so may be ok for time for next year europeans
  • Keswick Tri Sunday May 23rd, 2 day's after my %$ birthday, last year it was a Saturday and i had to be in work for 2.45pm..Manchester.
  • Is this not just willy waving?....

    sorry just a friday moment, ......i have a genuine interest is seeing the levels people are going for next year and always like to see how people are planning multi years....so want to do a bunch of OD and a 1/2 marathon next year...with a view to HIM 2011..
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Is this not just willy waving?....
    Can I wave mine??

    I've not entered anything directly. However I am intending to do ones that I entered last year where the organisation was good. I will also be entering my first tri to see how far I've come and if I'm faster.

    Hope to have the swimming sorted then and I do know I'll be faster on the bike.

    My A race will be IMUK, not everyone's cup of tea but it will do for me.

    In between that will be Chaserace, competing or supporting willieverfinish. Possibly Liverpool as well.

    Not sure after that.
  • I'm just getting silly with my races!
    I've got a whole document laid out with all the races I'd 'like' to do month by month, starting with F3's Winter Duathlons in January at Dorney Lake and through to Vitruvian in September.

    So far I've coughed up for:
    Brighton Marathon
    Windsor OD
    Woking OD

    Just waiting for my Triathlon England member number to arrive before I enter any more, but when it does I'll enter the MK Duathlon in April and Vitruvian (if the site EVER goes live).
    I'm also tempted to do the Stirling Uni Duathlon as an excuse to go back up to Scotland.

    There will be more though, a few Thames Turbo Tri's and other London League events.
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Only one for me so far. The Exe Valley Triathlon. Tiverton, devon.
  • Already in
    Hell of Ashdown
    Sevenoaks Sprint- 1st Tri!!!
    Tonbridge Sprint

    Got to book
    Dartford Tri Olympic - 1st OD
    MK Olympic Tri
    Great North Run - already in defered from last year

    Plus club ride to Paris, and other sportives

    Erm actually looks quite busy, only did 3 10Km runs and 1 120km sportive this year!!!
  • Signed up for:
    The Beaver Middle Distance
    IM - France
    The Outlaw
    Also going back to attempt to defend the Tatton Park Sprint title i won this year
    I may also do Bala Standard again which was fantastic this year

    Non Tri Events include:
    Barcelona Marathon
    Cheshire Cat 100 mile sportive
    Loch Ness Marathon
  • windsor entered
    To enter:
    little woody
    new forest marathon

    and who know what else!
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Stubbington 10k, Eastleigh 10k, Winchester Sprint, Salisbury Sprint, Weymouth 70.3, Windsor OD, London OD, Southampton Sprint, Solent half mara, might go for a late IM if all goes well. Possibly add another OD or two in there... Bournemouth, Brighton maybe depending on dates.

    New age group next year...40-44 :-( ... so as you can see mid-life crisis is biting hard.

    *EDIT* Should've said Stubb, E'leigh, Windsor, London entered so far. Sprints & Weymouth will be entering next year.
  • pippip Posts: 170
    Just booked myself in for the Cheshire Cat cyclosportive as well as my other events.Not doing the 100 miler tho,bottled it and only doing the 66 miler
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Still blighted by injuries - so had to curtail my entires so far

    Jan 3rd - Pennine 10K (won't be able to do this though).
    Feb 25 - Vertical Rush
    April - Skipton Tri.

    That's it so far! It all depends how the running progresses. Will probably have to avoid running races for a few months - which means just doing sprint tris.

    Will look more at cycling events this year. Unless I suddenly get good at Swimming.
  • Rotorua Half Ironman in December.

    Had a bad race this year where I had to walk most of the run after DNFing the year before because of a calf problem. This year is all about avenging those two races and getting as much info/advise I can to ensure I have a good race in 2010. I want Sub6 hrs.
  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    New Forest Olympic Distance
    Marshman 2010
    The Dragonride
    Ironman Switzerland.

    I'll be getting a 100 mile sportive in each of Feb/ March & April and that'll be me done!

    All entries and training geared towards my first ironman, after which I'll have a nice rest!
  • ithurtsithurts Posts: 37
    oooops! i think i just entered new forest middle,,,,,,well here goes nothing for my first middle event....

    can't wait for it.......
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