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Nearly New Tri Gear for Sale...

Hi Chaps (and ladies!)

I have unfortunately had to give up the tri scene due to work commitments and have a number of items for sale:

1 X Planet-X Stealth Carbon Pro (Medium, Black, 2007 I think!) - bought 2nd hand but I havent had a chance to use it at all! It has seen some wear and tear but the bike is in good mechanical condition. Groupset is a mix of Dura-Ace (Rear Mech& Shifters), Ultegra (Cranks & Pedals) and 105 (front mech). Has the Planet X Carbon 101 rims....this bike is very very light and ready to race! Bought for £1000 in Jan 2010 (only been used for 40 miles since i bought it) £900 ono

1 X Boardman Team Carbon (Medium, Black, 2009)- Bought new and only seen a few road miles (under 200) as obscenly I have been using it on my VR turbo trainer - see below! Bike is in good condition.
Bought for £1000 in April 2009 will sell for £700 ono (http://www.boardmanbikes.com/road/road_team_carbon.html)

1 X Tacx Fortius VR Multiplayer turbo trainer! - This thing really is the nuts! I have spent hours, not bored cycling on this! I bought it in Sept 2009 for £750 but will let it go for £500 ono which is the best £500 you will spend in the off season) - if i get the full £500 i will throw in the sony projector its connected to!! (http://www.tacxvr.com/en/products/fortius-multiplayer)

1 X Spiuk Aerohelmet (white, M) - I have used this for grand total of 2 hours since buying it...
(http://www.totalcycling.com/index.php/p ... ncy&id=GBP)
Cost £120 new in May 2010 will sell for £75 ono

1 X Orca Alpha Wetsuit (Medium) Used twice - amazing wetsuit - wbought for £350 in August 2009 and will see for £200 ono. (http://www.orca.com/category/alpha?sex=M)

If you are interested I can Email you/text you photos - Breaks my heart to see it all go but it needs a good home


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