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Eureka...my bike has earnt it's name...

5 months after having my new bike i still hadn't given it a name, it just wasn't jumping out.....however lunchtime session on the turbo it all happened.. we are now in a relationship ....caught sight of the white frame with red bits in the conservatory window and 'Blaze' came to mind...thought that was way too grand so now 'Betty Blaze' is born.....

sad i know.....


  • Are there any pictures of the happy couple?
  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Thats a great name. Betty Blaze. It makes her sound quick but slightly untouchable but even approachable.

    I think you need to raise a glass to her tonight as its like having a new born in the family. I will raise a glass to her in the pub tonight.

    All trusty steeds should have names. mines Flossie!
  • Mine is bertha and she is one sexy little minx
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