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what crap have you eaten today?



  • A whole cracked pepper and sea salt Pousin, A large helping of rice............

    then a packet of popodoms with onion and mango chutney, 5 yes 5 Smartie doughnuts ( just as good as KK's), 2 bottles of beer, 4 spring rolls with chilli dip, sesame prawn toast x 4 and 3/4 box ( only cos that's all that was left) of miint matchmakers.... and another beer

    I feel ill and ready for the 65 mile hilly sportive at 8am. Bring it......
  • should i revive the "drinking wall of shame"??

    went out friday: 8 pints of beer and a smoked duck pancake
    Saturday: lots and lots of guinness - possibly 8 or 9 and hip flask, cornish pasty, curry with beer and poopadoms.

    today: oxtail soup and a toastie, some crumpets with lots of butter.
  • Good work bloody he'll. I'm impressed.
  • cheers lad! i think a week off the booze is in order now, i might even fit some training in...
  • LexLex Posts: 65

    Hooters "Gourmet Hotdog" - its worth the plane ride alone. God I love that place!!
  • gingertri and willverfinish Your both my Heros

    just read this thread and laughed out , I thought I was the only one , went to my tri club end of year bash last week and was impressed

    That 50% really let their hair down and the other 50% just let their hair down!

    Technically I don't binge drink or eat because I overdo it everyday so its actually a different sort of problem.

    Its ok because Tuesday lunch time I always eat alot because I go to the Gym and run 4 or 5 K ( again little focus here ) and then straight into my 1hour spin class and then a 45min swim (have to focus here or I float off) , I then drive home feeling like an athlete as I cook my dinner at 9.30 whilst drinking a can of beer because I deserve it .

    honed body and mind
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