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ironman training plans

Am looking to find a plan or book to help come up with a training plan,all the ones I have seen so far are impractical for my working hrs, I work 7 am till 6 so am swims are impossible , runnin/biking is poss with early start but most training is evenings only, does anyone know of a training shedule that may suit?


  • Don FInk's be ironfit plan seems to be pretty good. 3 levels based on how much time you have, etc. I do all my training in the evening, with the exception of the occasional lunchtime run. Yesterday, for example I had to do a 30 min run and an hour's swim. Ran to the pool, then swum and ran back. Ended up doing about 45 min running in the end, but nevermind.

    Going Long is quite good if you want to develop your own plan. They give a breakdown of a training week, and then you can arrange the days how you like.
  • Hi
    Send e mail me what training you can do and when and I can give you a basic outline of a plan it will include key sessions to fit in through the week.
    email me at [email protected]
  • Ironman Training plans
    In this months 220 magazine (feb issue) page 13 you can get ironman training programmes on the following website ironmantips dot com
    Good Luck
    Ironman finisher
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