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Spin Bikes in Calne with the Etape Boys – spare places

Some blokes wot I know are doing the Etape next year. As part of their winter training they have booked a bunch of wattage measuring spin bikes for instructress led cycling endurance orientated sessions at St. Mary’s Sports Centre, Calne, Wiltshire.

I’ve jumped in on their session as winter training for myself, and there are four spare bikes going in the group. If anyone is interested in joining in, gimme a shout, I’ll let the guys know and you are in (1st come 1st served etc natch). Cost is dependent on how many bikes we book out in total, as it will just be divvied up between everyone so the more bikes used the cheaper it becomes; its divvied up on a “course” basis so once you’re in you’re in, whether you end up doing one week or 25 or whatever. Not sure how many weeks are left but i would imagine its a quite a few!

Time is 8.30pm to about 9.45pm, Monday evenings

There is rather conveniently a masters swimming session for the immediate hour previous to that – coach on tap, and set sessions available. £4, open to all comers.

PM me if you're interested, and i'll pass on the contact details tout suite.

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