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Hyde Park Triathlon 2010


The Hyde Park Triathlon opens tomorrow for entry (3rd Dec). Did anyone do this earlier this year?
I seriously considering entering because although expensive, it's a rare chance to ride and run like a man possessed around the very centre of London without getting arrested.

If anyone did this? Or was even a spectator, what was it like? Atmosphere and organisationally. Would you recommend it?

I'm thinking of doing the sprint as I don't fancy the prospect of getting dizzy doing 8 laps of the park in the OD.

Anyone else fancy it?



  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    I did it, last year...
    It was a good event- the waves were well organised and the swim in the serpentine was good. The course was a little dull, it was a 6 lap bike ‘out and back’ in Hyde park. and the run was also 6 laps of a bit of the park, where people were just enjoying their day, walking, playing football etc. The finish was in the same place as the elites. My only complaint was the transititon area was very tight. Being (in true BCTTT sytle) the last one back from the bike on my rack, there was no space for my bike. Someone had pushed their transition box into the only small space available and my bike fell off the rack – i almost got DQ as i picked it up without my helmet on… Other than that i had a good time, and the medal is quite impressive. No event tshirt – that would have cost another £20, and they would have charged £50 for a lost timing chip.
    Still if it is the same price as last year, it’s cheaper than london, but i think there is less support and more tourists blindly wondering into your path on the run and if possible the bike leg too – I had to scream at one guy to move off the road which was closed but there were crossing points and he was taking his sweet time

    Right, so if you’re still reading, it was a good one to do, beware the speed bumps on the bike leg, adn the people who have no clue what’s going on wandering across your path, but do it! Oh and do the Oly distance! its much better!
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