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We're just about to renew our house insurance. Unfortunately this triathlon lark has caused us to acquire a small peloton of bikes. Most insurance companies allow us to insure these as part of an overall contents insurance but I was wondering whether it's better/cheaper to go for this option or insure the bikes separately through a specialist insurer? Id the latter, are there any companies that can be recommended? Thanks


  • Specialist Insurance will cost a fortune!
    I was looking to cover my Planet X SL Pro when I went to Barcelona because our contents insurance wouldn't cover bikes over £500.
    I spent weeks looking for alternatives and I've forgotten the name of the bike insurance company now but they wanted almost £300 p/a!
    My Ducati is less than that for f'ks sake!

    Long story short, we changed our contents to M&S, they cover bikes up to £4000 here and abroad.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    You can almost hear the voice over:

    This is not just Bike Insurance ...

    I find it quite strange/amusing that these 'specialist' and established insurance giants come up with all these expensive schemes and then a purveyor of knickers and top notch ready cook meals comes along and wipes the floor with them.

    M&S definitely worth a look when I get my new place in a few weeks, currently with esure and they cover my bikes for up to 60 consecutive days abroad subject to additional premium, can't remember how much but it wasn't a lot.
  • nivaghnivagh Posts: 595
    You could try http://www.butterworthinsurance.co.uk/

    I haven't used them, so can't comment either way.
  • Thanks for all the replies

    I did a general search for house contents insurance on a comparision site and it came back with a list of fairly good offers including M&S and (possibly ironically) the AA who were willing to insure the bikes at home and away so long as none of them were worth more that £1500 - won't cover the more space-age of tri bikes but will cover us even with the most recent and flashiest acquisition.
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    You have to make sure they know everything about the security etc.....

    I had a nightmare with trying to add my new rides to the house insurance, we kicked up a fuss and threatened to leave and go somewhere else....suddenly they could insure them!

    I use my House insurance, I have had many quotes from companies who specialise in bike insurance and the cheapest I could get was £740 p/a.... twice the cost of my car insurance!
    But then this is to insure £8000 with of bike....

    The house insurance went up by about £300 a year...with the bikes added
  • willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    Think M&S did me £400 quid all in (contents, buildings,contents away from home and the £4000 for each bike).

    As long as they pay up that looks like great value to me!
  • That sounds like value to me - I am looking into this - one question - what covers your bike when your out and about riding or when it's in the boot of your car and some numpty rear ends you crushing the bike ? My car insurance only covers me for £100 for contents!!

    I'm at a loss - if my bike gets damaged or stolen there is no way I can afford to replace it.
  • willtriwilltri Posts: 436
    I rang M&S and asked the same question...

    If you tick the "cover away from home" box - all your contents (up to £4k individually) are covered.

    I asked specifically - what if it's nicked off the roof rack, what if it's locked to a lamppost etc etc.

    All covered.
  • Wicked thanks
  • But remember no content insurer including M&S will insurer you bike unlocked!! so even in transition you have to lock you bike with the approved locks and thats not for me

    www.triathlonbikeinsurance.co.uk offers a good policy and you can pay monthly and they charge you 0% interest for that, thats pretty good in my books dont know anyone else doing that

    "Its all about the race"

  • Just checked with M&S they dont cover your bikes at competitions like Triathlons, only for training!!! and recreations, so there is a reason they are cheaper. Its all in the details

    "its all about the race"

  • This is an old thread - but a subject I know a LOT about. I am in a club and in the last 2 years (since I joined) 7 have had bikes stolen from garages, houses, conservatories etc..

    So advice as follows from their experiences:

    Brittania home insurance Paid out in cash within 3 weeks full value
    Norwich Union: New for old within 10 days Plus the computer, tools, panniers etc. all covered (home insurance)
    E and I: Paid out after 7 months – after excess and valuation paid only 53% of value
    AXA awaiting payment after 5 weeks

    Average premium was around 40 quid a month for 2 -3 good quality bikes. I have read all sorts of facts and figures about 1000 bikes a day getting nicked – often put on Gum Tree and ebay (search for stolen bike threads on Google – it is frightening how common it is)

    I am mean. So I bought a mother of a bike shed lockup for the garden for less than 1 years premium and had no issues yet. I keep three bikes in it. Statistically I think Bonfire night has the highest bike theft of the year – cuz we are all outside, freezing, looking at a pile of burning wood with the kids!
  • soz 4got to tell you where i got the bike lock up. :roll:
    www.asgardsss.co.uk (if i spelt it correctly!)
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    Nice thread!!!...I love bikes and I have one..and insured with Churchill and Churchill motorbike insurance that is quite popular amongst the bike insurance companies.it has best policy that suits the your budget and requirement.
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