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Best car rack for carbon frames?

I'm looking for a rack to carry my bike on the roof of my car and heard a rumour about the ones that clamp onto the down tube being bad for carbon frames......is this true?


  • i have 2 carbon bikes and use thule bike carrier - never had any problems. think the trick is tightening to friction, not to the point of squeezing the frame. the 'jaws' of the grip facilitate this as they are semi-V shaped so the frame will not fall out even if not too tight
  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    Got a carbon frame and use the Saris Bones 3, no problem at all.
  • Thanks for the advice,

    looked at the Saris Bones but wanted one to go on the roof bars so Thule it is.....went for the 561 where you remove the front wheel and attach the forks to the rack
  • have you bought yet? personally i would go for the 591, i use mine 3-5 times a week - with the 561 taking the wheel on and off each time would be a real kerfuffle for me
  • Yep, got some vouchers for Wiggle and the reviews were pretty good in there.....I know its a bit of a pain taking the front wheel off but I thought I'd err on the side of caution as I'm bound to crunch my new carbon frame by tightening the bracket too much like a numpty
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