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Had a bike lost or stolen in or near Chester?

Hundreds of bicycles recovered by Chester police

Dec 7 2009 Chester Chronicle

POLICE have recovered hundreds of bicycles, some of which are believed to be
stolen, following two warrants.

Officers from the Chester Outer Neighbourhood Policing Team worked with officers
from the Western rural to execute warrants in Jonathan's Way, Blacon and at a
farm in Hargrave on Thursday.

At the farm, officers recovered more than three hundred bikes. Some of which are
believed to have been stolen.

A 49-year-old from Blacon was arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods and
was released on police bail until January 14.

Insp Steve Beddows of the Chester Outer Neighbourhood Policing Unit said:
"Handling stolen goods encourages thefts and break-ins and we will continue to
carry out warrants on premises we have reason to believe are being used to store
these goods."

Police are now appealing for the rightful owners to come forward and identify
the bikes.

Insp Phil Hodgson of the Western Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team said: "Anyone
who believes their stolen bike may be part of this seizure can contact us to
arrange a viewing. Anyone claiming a bike will need proof that it is theirs."

Anyone who wants to view the bikes can contact Kevin Ferguson on 01244 612692.
Three hundred bikes!


  • If they are unclaimed after 3 months they go to auction.

    I wanna know where these auctions are held. That or give the bikes up for sale to cycling and tri clubs or kids youth clubs first.
  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    My dad used to get his bikes from Police auctions, going back 20 odd years he would get one for about £3. But then they were the old cast iron sit up and beg types - off on a tangent -

    When I was last in India visiting my smashing Mum in Law had to move some bikes out of the way to put up a washing line for her, course last bike I had touched was my tri bike - almost herniated myself - they werigh a bloody ton!!
  • willieverfinish wrote:
    I wanna know where these auctions are held.
    Old article but links to websites are still current


    What are the chances of my rare Tomac MTB stolen by a scroat in Manchester 2 years ago being one of the three hundred!? Slim....but worth a try.
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