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HIM or Middle Distance 2010

Any suggestions? I am doing Windsor OD and also would like to do my first MD. Anybody done Cowman or Little Woody? Also contemplating Ironman 70.3 Germany? Suggestions welcome ...


  • I did Little Woody this year, first attempt at HIM. It is the best day. Really well run event, low key, and laid back. Nice swim location, bike is hard, but do'able, and a pleasant run through the woods. Aid stations on the run are probably the best and most friendly I've come across, and you could lose quite a bit of time just socialising at them. Good value, and the biggest benefit of it's your first HIM is that once you are out of the water, there are no other cut off times, so you can enjoy your day.
  • +1 for the Little Woody. It was my first middle distance and was very enjoyable (in hindsight - sure I didn't think that at the time!). Nice toasty warm swim down one side of the lake, tough bike and a gently undulating walk/jog for me. You can camp the night before and after for free which is a massive bonus too
  • okennyokenny Posts: 231
    I'll be at IM 70.3 Germany! It's supposed to have a lovely bike leg, very pretty....though it is also supposed to have murderous hills......1500Hm on the 90km circuit.
    Looking forward to it. It's almost full I think, so you might want to hurry.
  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    Thank you for all the feedback! IM 70.3 Germany is a great location, I used to live near Wiesbaden, very pretty and great crowd support!
  • I plan to do Big Woody next year, having read nothing but good things about both HIM and IM distance events there. Also hope to do Bala Middle in June for the same reason. Plus, I know the Bala area well, and the course is in some of the most stunning countryside in the UK.

    One event I'd suggest you avoid is the Gatorade Big Half at Trentham, Stoke on Trent. That was my first HIM, and it was let down by a dangerous bike course in Sunday traffic and piss poor aid stations. Only got water in an event sponsored by Gatorade. Sounds like you weren't considering this anyway, but if anyone else is, give it a wide berth.
  • Last year I did UK 70.3 and Germany 70.3, both are great events although I would say Germany had the edge, just lots of little things made it extra special.

    Big/Little Woody is a local event for me and I have to say, I've only ever heard bad things about it, but having never done the event it would be unfair of me pass judgement, I can only go on what club mates have said.

    It just so happens I was looking at events last night, and there is an abundance of 70.3's to consider:

    May 22nd, West Cornwall Middle Distance
    June 14th, Bala Middle
    June 20th, Wimbleball
    July 4th, Cowman
    August 28th, The Little Woody
    September 4th, Vitruvian
    September 19th, New Forest Middle
    September 11th, The Accelerace Extreme Triathlon
    September 26th, Bustinskin Middle Distance

    Please feel free to add to the list or gives comments regarding the events...
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    I'm doing the Swashbuckler on 23rd May, then Weymouth on 6th June. Yes, that is two weeks apart. Oops.
  • I too am doing the swashbuckler - what is it like - this will be my fist HIM?

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