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3/4 IM Distance

I have just signed up for IMUK again next year having completed my first IMUK this year. I want to do a much better time next year and want to change my training and events leading upto August. I was planning on doing a HIM distance race in May but have just seen the Marshman+ which is a 3/4 distance. Is anyone else doing this on the lead upto a full IM? Would it be to much to soon before IMUK??


  • I hope not. I know quite a few are intending on doing The Swashbuckler on 31 May, a 1.9km swim, 80km bike, and 22km run.

    I'm doing two warm-up events before IMUK, first one is IMUK 70.3 on 20 June, and then the Eastnor Castle, on 04 July, a 1.5km swim, 86km bike and 21km run. I'm not looking to smash the course, but use it as a final test session of nutrtion, pacing, kit etc
  • I dont think the half will be a problem however what about the 3/4 distance?
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    I'm doing the marshman + in prep for IMCH (the week before IMUK) It won't be too much IMO (based on nothing really) the only problem would potentially be the run, given that you should already be upto doing the swim and bike of that kind of distance I would expect. Also given that the marshman is in an area which is about as flat as you can get, you won't have the problems of hills etc. to hurt you, but you will have to pedal virtually non stop. My view is of treating the M+ as a very hard, training session to get used to going those distances. I was also told by the organisers there is no cut off!!!
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