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lesser of 2 evils?

ok, so winter is well and truly here, time for quality run/bike training is genuinely tight and amounts to me (i guess many others too) squeezing in an hour or so session at lunch time - so that relegates a secondary session to treadmill / turbo...

as we know, neither are as good as the real thing but which is less worse in terms of physiological gains / training?

knowing this will be really useful for me when planning a week's training or having to swich training due to work / bad weather etc



  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I would guess that which you find least skull crushingly dull.
    My reasoning being one puts more into what one 'enjoys' over what one does not.
    Physiologically I would guess treadmill more than turbo, as in keeping up with a moving belt is closer to running than not balancing, going up hill (in any meaningful sense) etc on a turbo, no or very little recruitment of core muscles shoulders etc anything other than legs, whereas a treadmill still requires you to stay upright against gravity, balancing, recruiting core & anything else you use when real world running.
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