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Managed to get a long (ish!) ride in last weekend and was reminded how annoying it is stopping and starting to look at the map every five minutes - causedfingers and toes to go numb!

Can anyone recommend a good GPS for your bike?

I am aware of the Garmin's but not so keen on shelling out £300ish???


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    I have just asked a similar question on the club forum.... weird..

    Is a GPS an essesntial or a wish toy??
  • I think a different question is being answered. The answers relate to is GPS necessary for Tri training, and the answer is COnehead has said is no.

    However, the initial question was whether there is a cheap bike GPS that provides a map facility to allow navigation. Answer, no. They are available, but they aren't cheap, and if you think they are expesnsive to buy, they generally don;t come with a map, so you need to factor costs of those in as well.

    Unless you;re going out for day long off road rides, and exploring unknown trails, don't bother. Just do what you are already doing, and take a map with you.
  • no need for GPS - i recommend a military technique of "strip maps"

    essentially a schematic of your route in simple terms condensed onto a single strip of paper.

    you can work out your own symbology, eg a circle with arrow for roundabout, straight arrow with road number and distance, prominent landmarks etc...place the strip map somewhere easy to hand, or tape to waterbottle...its great until you get lost...if you do, go back to last known point and pick up route there...

    the only limit is your own imagination (and ability to convert a map into a logical route of course!)
  • jibby26jibby26 Posts: 261
    I have an edge 705, picked it up for £250 last year. You can get free maps for it from openstreetmaps, an open source mapping project.

    Whilst I accept it is not essential to training, it is quite useful. I have been out a couple of times and found my normal route closed for roadworks. The garmin has routed me around them and back onto the route. It has also allowed me to try new routes out without the need to stop.
  • I have the garmin edge 705 as well. Managed to pick up for the £250 mark as well.

    Yes it costs alot of money, but in the right hands it is a very useful tool. It does everything except pedal the bike.
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