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I been out of triathlons for the past two tears due to work and injury and realy want to get back into them. IS it realstic to aim to do the london triathlon in aug and some smaller ones though out the year. i still have a good level of fitness running 10km in 55mins do you all think this is a realstic goal ?


  • yup! i was out for 2 years through work and injury and came back stronger and faster! you've already got the base fitness, so prob 3 months max and you'll be top of your game (though dont quote me on that one!)
  • Anybody is capable of doing a triathlon. Its just the times that differ. If your going to enjoy doing those events go for it!

    And also i think a 55min 10K whilst being out of training is unfair! I need to train for those times.
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    If you've done tri's before then you'll know what to expect and what your expectations will be. Having a goal a-race is a good way to motivate and you can use the smaller ones to reaquaint yourself with the transition zone!
  • This year I was in a similar situation except I had not competed in a tri since about 1997 - and the training I had done in years since then could best be described as "intermittent" and "leisurely ". I sat down on New Years eve 2008/09 and decided to give myself a goal and enter the London Tri (although by the time I got around to entering the OD was full so I did the sprint). Having a goal helped motivate me with my training and getting back into triathlon was wonderful so I recommend it completely!
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