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Stem Length on a TT bike

Dear all, need some advice,

Strongly considering buying a TT bike over the next month or so. Whilst im reasonably happy with what frame size I need I was after a bit of guidance on stem lengths. Im looking at a medium size Planet X frame, im 5,10/5,11ish with average torso/length dimensions.

I plan to get a proper fitting session in but I need to make sure im getting roughly the right size components in the first place. Im currently thinking a stem length of about 10cm is about right??



  • Hi Lex

    It is difficult to say what the stem length should be as this depends on you!! and your back length? this is one of the problems with buying online, what is important is the the distance from your tip of the saddle to the middle of the end of the stem ( where the handle bar sits in to the stem) idealy should be the same length as your finger tips to your elbow plus 4 to 5 cm ( bend your arm so it is at 90° then measure from this point to the end of your fingers when the are held straight out then add 4 to 5 cm). if you get this wrong then your bike handling will be off as your stability is unbalanced. ( and do not alter your saddl position to achive this as this will erduce your power or worse still stress your knees that could lead to injury).

    However 90 to 110mm stem lengths are standard so go for the 100mm if it is wrong then it will only cost you 30 to 40 quid to get it changed or planet x might change it for free if you ask them and tell them what you are doing.
    Hope this helps
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all
  • LexLex Posts: 65

    Cheers mate, nice one! Its avoiding the injuries that is a real concern at the moment!!

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