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Ironman training - Build up races

I entered and completed the Nice Ironman event this year and have entered the event again for 2010.
I am intending to use the competitive 30 week training plan as in "be Iron fit" book by Don Fink.

The Nice Ironman event is on 27/06/10 (i.e. week 30 of the training plan) and as such if I intend to follow the training plan to the word then I should be doing a Olympic distance event on 04/04/10 and an Half Ironman event 02/05/10 or there abouts. Obviously due to the unavailability of event listings for 2010 as yet, I thought that I would take a look at the 2009 race calendar to see what events took place when and I can't seem to find these "type" of distance races so early on in the season. I guess the fact that the swim leg will be open water will have something to do with it and I suspect the outside water temperatures will be too cold for these events.

Has anyone else encountered similar problems?

Can anyone suggest alternative race preparation?

I live in the East Midlands area for Info. but I am obviously willing to travel distances to these races.


  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    not sure about where there would be an Oly at that time, but there is the Marshman in May (16th i think) so it is 2 weeks late, but if thats a problem go for the 3/4 version...
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