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Morre newbie advice please


I have a fairly strong running and cycling background having completed marathons and epic MTB races. These disciplines are sorted as I run with my local running club twice weekly and have enlisted a friend who is doing the Etape du Tour for the cycling. My nemisis is the front crawl and I've been going to the local baths for the past month. I can swim 50m in what appears to be a fairly controlled technique however it all goes wrong shortly afterwards. I am finding it difficult to get past this distance. Obviously I can mix strokes and complete 800m in @18mins but I want to improve my endurance at front crawl. I've joined my local swimming pool and start 1 2 1 lessons next Monday, any further advice would be gratefully received. I've entered a sprint in April so times aren't important, simply completing would fulfil a personal goal.



  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408

    welcome to the forum. Best advice is exactly what you've done - you got some coaching. its very difficult to say what to do and what not to do as no-one here can tangibly see you swim. So the only other piece of advice is to find out of they do video analysis so that you can physically see for yourself what its wrong. This then allows you to work on what the coach is saying and be able to visualise at the same time.

    I'm in the same boat as you, so don't panic. oh and if you can't do front crawl, then do breast stroke. I done a breast stroke for my first, second and third tri....
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