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next seasons races

I'm starting to plan for next season and have already entered Blenheim in June, London Docklands at end of July. I will be entering Windsor in June (2 races on consecutive weekends will be interesting... ) and upton on severn (I highly recommend this tri). But having done Stratford in May I don't want to go through that chaotic mess ahain so have looked around and found the following website


They are doind a couple of national triathlons and ITU qualifiers so look very good. I'm looking at doing the Duston pool triathlon in April and Grendon sprint in May. Has anybody done these in the past and what are they like?

Also any other suggestions for midlands based triathlons in April & May would be appreciated. I'm in redditch south of Brum and but also spend alot of time in Kinsbury village near Tamworth where my fiance lives.

What races are you guys also doing?


  • Could be worth you having a look at the Black Sheep Sports website (http://www.blacksheepsportsltd.co.uk/index.html), they run quite a few Tri's and OW swims just at the end of the M50, so not too far.
  • JimbaJimba Posts: 15
    Done Duston a couple of times. Very well organised. Pool swim, lanes not too busy, short run to transition.
    Hilly bike into countryside, one short tough hill in particular. Fairly uninspiring run through housing estate and finish not a big grandstand finish as the run into the line is quite short and before you know it you are there.
    Will be doing it again.
  • http://www.justracinguk.com/

    The JR team run great events (various pool, open water tris & cycling events) in the Northampton/Oxfordshire area; they are very well organised, very welcoming and the marshalls are fantastic - experienced, smiley & vocally enthusiastic!

    The tris are all well set-out & boast pre & post sports massage, extensive tri supplies by the really nice people at http://www.puretri.co.uk/ and great hot grub!

    If you've got critical illness cover on your mortgage, then pop over to see my handsome hubby William on-site on race-days - he'll get you BETTER cover (it's aimed at athletes!), and you get a free Polar watch as well as a donation to your club!!! (Sales pitch over )

    I haven't done Duston, but have done Grendon, Thame & Roade with JR and will def do them (along with Duston), next year... See you there Morg007?!!!

    Grendon has a fab, clean lake (750m along 2 sides) - I think they wakeboard on it (not at the same time!!!) With a steep and fairly long run to T1. An undulating countryside bike (14miles; 1 lap) and a sandy, pancake-flat 2-lap up & down run (5k) in between the lakes.

    Grendon gets booked REALLY fast as it's a qualifier, and it is one of the earliest open-water tris of the season. Oooh! It was 'fresh' this year, in drizzly, cold weather

    JR events sell-out, so register early & have lots of fun competing and come and say "hi!"
  • Morg007Morg007 Posts: 54
    thanks for the excelent feedback guys. I've now entered both Duston & Grendon (thanks to Jimba & curvy cactus ) Also thanks to TRIumphant too as that website is great.... I was going to look into do some run races too and they look like they organise some great fell races in the forest of dean.
  • The FoD races were great last year, did all three 15.4km runs in the series. BlackSheep races are generally tough, nothing is flat or easy, and you always know that you've done something when you've finished, but they've always got a good laid back vibe.
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