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Compression socks!

I've noticed more and more people wearing compression socks during races in 2009.

Personally, I'm sold on the benefits of wearing compression tights after a hard session or a race (having said that, I've also tried a compression shirt and it did nothing for me) but haven't given socks a go. I'm a bit sceptical about whether or not they would do anything to help me through a race.

Does anyone here use them (I'm talking specifically about DURING a race) and if so, what do you think they do for you?


  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Do you get any calf cramps/pulls during a race? If so, then they will help. If you don't you probably won't notice much difference.

    I wear comp. socks (or calf guards) when running - and they help a tremendous amount. I think I went about 30 secs faster in a 5K race. So, for me they made a tremendous difference - enabling me to overcome some injuries and prevent injuries reoccurring.
  • JellybabyJellybaby Posts: 180
    +1 for the calf guards. I got some for Xmas and ran my brick route quicker than usual. It'll be nice to see what happens to race times. I'm sold.
  • aoneill69aoneill69 Posts: 206
    with the calf guards...how have you raced in these, do you put these on in T1 or hold off to T2? (guessing T2 easier as drier etc...)
  • I've raced with calf guard, as I always suffer with my calves. I wear the calf guard under my wetsuit, and then I'm ready to go. You've got to be careful though. Standard calf guard mean it's slightly more difficult getting the wetsuit on, as the guards tend to ride up. So it's better with the full guard that include the stirrups, as they prevent this. However, the stirrups are only really of use in HIM/IM distance races, as they generally become a mess in T1, and in a SPrint/OD you don;t have the time to faff arround with them.

    You'll also find that using calf guard under a wetsuit makes the removal of the wetsuit much easier.
  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    Just going to echo TriUmphant really, but i found no trouble in getting the wetsuit on or the guards rinding up under it when i races in them. Despite that race not going to plan, my calves felt good which is not normal for me. I also wear compression socks during longer training runs as i have had calf trouble in the past - i feel like it makes a difference - less fatigue and longer running before the fatigue feeling/ache sets in.
  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    Sounds like they might be a worthwhile investment for me then, if they delay fatigue, as I have occasionally cramped in my calves.

    Thanks guys.
  • okennyokenny Posts: 231
    I am gonna run my second marathon in April...I was certainly not able to walk properly after the last one!

    Which full compression trousers do people here reccomend.
    Is buying online out of the question? I don't know of a shop near me selling them.

    Thanks guys!
  • I generally use 2XU compression gear, it seems to work for me. Get it generally online from Wiggle, alhough I have used www.Royles.biz and www.CompressYourself.com. I've also used UnderArmour and Skins, which seem to wrk just as well, but my preference is for 2XU. The key thing is to make sure it fits. Check the recommended sizing, and stick with it. When it comes it will be tight, but that's what it's supposed to be like.
  • I worw the 2XU calf guards under my wetsuit at the London Sprint Tri last year and just smothered them with babyoil (when i did my arms and lower legs) and had no problems getting the wetsuit on or off. I have injured myself the week before and i am sure that the calf guards got me over the line on the day as they delayed the onset of calf muscle pain until almost the end of the run. I have also worn them for training runs since then (although not as many as I should have done ) and they have been of great help there too. Recommended!
  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Comp. socks for running.
    Calf guards for Duathlons.
    Nothing for Tris as by the time I get to the run leg, I am not going so fast as I would normally. Would contemplate calf guards for longer tris.

    My preferred brand is 2XU for comp. tights. The build quality/how long they last as you wash them is superior to the other heavily advertised brand that I've used.
  • I've suffered loads with calf injuries in the past, from bad muscle pulls, to cramping out of T2, but fingers crossed, and touch wood since wearing the calf guards, have been injury free. I wear them post race for a day also, as they do seem to work on the recovery side too. So pleased with them i bought a pair of 2xu tights as well and have been really pleased with their affect on performance. Never heard anyone having problems with this sort of gear really so would give it a try!
  • the physio told me that calf injuries are the most common injury in men over 35, part of the natural aging process apparently!

    personnally, i wear nettle embroided hessian sacks and flip-flops when i'm running! i will never be a world champion, i prefer to stretch properly and spend my spare cash on carbon...and pizza
  • Having suffered with calf muscle problems for a few years calf guards get a thumbs up from me too. My physio told me that in order to get the full benefit you need to continue wearing them for 1-2 hours after your run
  • As I only have 1 pair currently I tend to wear them after exercise rather than during.. Calf Guards, I think Skins call the compression sock??

    I'd recommend them as last year I didn't seem to suffer the dreaded shinsplints and recovery time improved after I started wearing them..

    I always thought their main purpose was to aid recovery rather than prevent injury.. I'm not convinced by the prevention side TBH.

  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    Socks are socks - i.e. they have a foot, and so also offer ankle support.

    Calf guards are like "sleeves" i.e. have no foot - so go from above the ankle to below the knee (a bit like leg warmers).


    These are 2XU. Other brands are available
  • Slight confusion from me then.. Skins Call the Calf Guards with stirrups SOX


    I guess I got confused by the phonetic pronunciation of SOX
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