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Sainsburys: for goodness shakes 2 for £2

Spotted these in a small Sainsburys on holloway road in London, my old flatmate said the offer has been on for ages. No banana flavour but still a good offer, other stores might have the same.


  • Finally got round to checking this out today. Sainsbury's round the corner from work (Mortimer St, London W1) has two for £2. But my local Sainsbury's in the wilds of Essex is selling them at full price. So only city types can get the deal, apparently. Anyone else spotted this deal outside of London? I'm hooked on these shakes.
  • jacjac Posts: 452
    If you let them get warm their true colours emerge...milk and about a tonne of sugar! Not nice.
  • Asda are selling them for 85p each.
  • i'm a big fan of the organic vanilla. a huge tub of whey protein arrived at home yesterday however and homebrew recovery now beckons.
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    I have loads of voucher codes for FGS.......If you PM me ill send them to anyone who wants them...

    I get these codes through when I get my delivery of shakes every month....

    I really like them and they are loads better than Rego rubbish SiS do....

    But then other than personal preference I am biased towards this product as they sponsor me lol:)

    Buy FGS !!!
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