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Shoes + Pedals

Hi All
Working on bit of budget; I am looking at getting some road pedals; these seem a great price;

http://www.timani-ltd.co.uk/index.php?m ... cts_id=419

What I cannot establish is which shoes toy of compatible shoes you need to buy in order to fit these pedals?

Anyone offer we place to find out just what fits what.


  • doogledoogle Posts: 58
    any shoes with a three bolt Look compatible sole should do. this will be almost any road / tri shoes. mountain bike shoes tend only to have a two bolt system.

    hope this helps
  • any footwear with a three-bolt system Look for a suitable sole. Almost any pair of road or triathlon shoes will suffice. Mountain bike shoes usually only have two bolts.

  • Everything here is purely individual. Someone generally prefers to ride in these ping pong shoes and is very satisfied. Just try a few options and see which one works best for you.

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