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Newbie needing advice on gear

As a woman new to triathlon this year i have a rather sensitive question to ask. When running i need to wear a super strength sports bra for optimum comfort. Do i wear this in the pool for the swim section or do i buy a trisuit with built in bra and are they any good?


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    Hi and welcome.

    Our ladies are very knowledgeable in this department and will no doubt leap to your rescue from us blokey types - I sport Man Boobs or Moobs, well pimples really now - anyway ...

    You may find these useful:


  • Hi Swimmyfish!
    If you wear a sports bra when running, then you will need one when you race! Just wear it under your tri-suit/swimming costume when you compete - you shouldn't even be aware of it.

    Try it out under your tri-suit/costume in your local pool before race day to make sure it is going to be comfortable though, as you don't normally swim in a bra!!! (Don't worry about any funny looks - you ARE a triathlete!)

    My tri-suit has no support whatsoever, but you may be able to buy one that does so long as your need isn't 'super-strength'!!!

    Good luck!
  • My tri suit has a separate crop top thing that goes under it - probably fine if you're a B cup - but not a hope in hell of avoiding black eyes if you're FF/G :roll:
    But with my normal level 4 sports bra underneath everything was fine. Only done one tri so far - so still consider myself a newbie, but swam with that under my wetsuit with no problems. Next time out will be Tonbridge, which is pool based, so am planning to swim in the tri suit with my trusty sports bra underneath.
  • Many thanks for all your help, looks like i'll be wearing my bra under my suit then! Just have to buy a tri suit now..... decisions, decsions... :roll:
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    ..matter of opinion Mr. C?
  • Hi Swimmyfish,

    I am another Newbie too, having only done one novice tri before. I wore my sports bra under my tri suit and that worked fine for me too

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