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Kingston Breakfast run

I have entered this race on 11th April 2010 already.I was going to run it as a training/pace race for my Middle distance Tri with the little man.

It's all paid for, guaranteed place, I sat at my laptop this morning feeling all pleased with myself that I had started to book events and races.... then the penny dropped.

I'm not even in the country on the 11th April, I'm in France at a training camp!!! How I survive on a day to day basis I'll never know.

Worse still I used ther WAT's credit card to pay for it. LOL

So, who wants the place ? 8.2 miles. Great running, I just can't do it for the reasons above.

It's yours if you want it... PM me or reply here.

Save me from the impending WAT fury..... please


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