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Long Distance Seat Comfort anyone??

Fully appreciate riding comfort is subjective to the individual, but wonder if the is any one out there that can recommend a good seat for IM distance. I have a relatively bony back side, bonier than most in fact, and get sore after about 40 miles on my current Specialized Gel Toupe? Any advice greatly appreciated, as really stuck on this one!


  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    You may find this of interest

    And re Fizik Arione Tri
    (which I also have)

    The 'joy' of 6 hours in the saddle is yet to be savoured by myself but hope the Fizik will be of some comfort
  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    I've done 9, 8 hour days back to back on my Toupé and barely even noticed it was there, so discomfort isn't necessary, you just need to find the right set up.

    As for the saddle, as you said, it's purely subjective. I tried 4 different one's before arriving at the Toupé, so now have two new one's stuffed in a drawer for sometime in the future!

    By the way, I caveat the above by saying if I'm in for a long ride, lashings of assos cream are applied!!
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    I have a Selle Italia Flite gel saddle on my Tarmac S-works training bike, it is super comfy and can quite happily sit on it for 6 hours without any problems....However I wouldnt be able to ride that long in the aero position on it.... I did just over 3 hours for the 120km leg of the World Long course champs in 2007 on this saddle in the aero position and was glad to get onto the 30k run....

    I now have a San Marco Azoto TT Saddle on my Argon TT bike, This is a completely different saddle compared to the Selle Italia in construction.... but the outcome is that I can quite happily sit on it, both in and out of the Aero Position for hours on end.....I would recommend either saddle to be honest.... but again its personal choice.....whats works for one might not work for another
  • Thanks for the input everyone! Been trawling and investigating all of the recommendations. Incidentaly have tried every position possible with the Toupe, but my ass just dont seem to fit! Gone with the Fizik Arion - hope have it tomorrow, just in time for the arrival of a long awaited turbo trainer. Will post the results....
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