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Dietitian/Sports nutritionist needed.

Ok so not the most pleasant of subjects - but does anyone out there know of a good sports dietitian who might be able to help with that dreadful curse of 'runners trots'? I know it afflicts between 20-50% of us and there is lots of anecdotal evidence of what to eat/what not to eat and when but I haven't got the patience to try them all out. I was reading on a USA forum that there has been some recent progression with dietary advice backed by real scientific evidence (aren't we sportspeople slaves to evidence based research?). Ive had all the medical tests and I know its down to diet but need someone who 'gets' how important running is to me and how embarrassing the whole 'runners trots' thing is rather than the standard 'its one of those things' comments.

Any recommendations please?


  • Conehead..........
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    wonder if conehead's recovered from grazing his knees ever so slightly in Arizona...

    Darrens your man for that info...
  • Doc Sco

    A relatively common problem this - I have suffered to some extent also.

    Top Tips:

    1. Avoid solid food in 3 hrs prior to exercise.
    2. Try liquid foods as pre-exercise meal.
    3. Try liquid meal replacement supplements (low fibre content) on day before event.
    4. Pre-exercise, avoid high fibre foods and caffeine.

    Experiment with different low fibre foods (e.g. white bread, potatoes, pasta etc.) first to see if this makes a difference. If not then try low fibre liquid meal replacement drinks as pre-exercise meals (experiment with different brands to see if one or more will make a difference).

    Check your sports drinks are isotonic as a sports drink with a high carbohydrate load (hypertonic - 10%+ carbohydrate concentration) may bring on symptoms.

    Check snacks you may be taking on the bike are also low fibre.

    Eat smart
    Sports Nutritionist
  • Doc ScoDoc Sco Posts: 38
    Thanks Jakester and Conehead - its reassuring to know (1) im not the only one and (2) there is a solution. I have been on a low fibre diet for a while on the advice of a gasterenterologist and have given up caffeine (missing those daily lattes - the things we do for our sport!) but there are some things you suggest I havent tried. Conehead I will PM you as you suggest.

    Thanks guys

  • No worries Doc Sco

    Stick with it mate!
  • You could try the fast/feed type diet?

    what time do you usually run at?
  • Doc ScoDoc Sco Posts: 38
    Whats the fast/feed diet? I tend to run in the evenings during the week - about 6pm ish, and in the morning at weekends - about 11 ish. It is better running in the morning but cant do that in the week cos it would mean running at about 6am and my body just cant cope!
  • hussler.hussler. Posts: 390
    I used to get this.....I have actually been caught out a few times when I was running in the mountains when I was down the Falklands Islands.....but anyway.... For me it doesnt matter what I eat or when I eat it..... 3hours before exercise just leaves me hungry during the last part of my long runs....(2.5hrs-3Hrs) so I eat about 90 mins before and the symptoms are still the same....unless I go to the loo last thing before I leave the house..... I always make sure I go even if I dont feel I need too...

    Another technique you could try is go for a run and do an initial loop back around via the house which takes the amount of time this issue usually strikes...mine is usually around the 20 min point....

    So in my case, run for 20mins and pass the house at this point, I know if I need to make an emergency stop by this point. If I dont need it off I run again and do the rest of the run.....
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Try peppermint tea,avoid caffeine.
  • Doc ScoDoc Sco Posts: 38
    Sounds like a good plan hussler - but what do you do mid race? Jon E will try the peppermint tea, have already given caffeine and really miss my daily latte! Ah well the price we pay for our sport.

    Aiming for a long run this weekend now snow has gone, wish me luck!!! :roll:
  • marriotmarriot Posts: 4
    Hello all buddies, I also need this kind of the advice about the dietitian and nutrition... I think that it's the best thread where I can found the best advice about the nutrition and diet plan..... Thanks in advance...
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