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Hi - i am very new to this triathlon malarkey and needing some advice on how far to push myself whilst training, with certain "niggles".

i am hoping to compete in my first novice tri in June and am committed to following the training programme, which was available in last months issue. However, on Monday i went skiing and have suffered minor whiplash (which i am prone to from pervious injuries, being a horserider ).

I did go swimming yesterday and it did seem to help ease it off, but i did not go flat out and my technique was laughable. However, today i am due to go on the turbo, with a run brick and wondering if i should batter on with the training programme, even though my neck is still really sore (and sitting at work with wheat bag on it to help loosen it off).

Any advice is much appreciated.



  • BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    Hello Charlie and welcome to the forum and Triathlon life.

    When it comes to injuries we all have a different idea. So heres mine, I would rest the neck for a week or so and not panic to much about training. If the week heals the problem then you are good to go and your fitness will not have effected to much. If you contiue to train and the whiplash does not improve then you will not be training as you should and like you say about technique it will not improve only change to adpt to the restriction of neck movement. (I am sure i need a full stop in there somewhere)

    what did you doctor/consultant say about training with the injury?

    You know your body best so its your call but be careful this does not impact on your season due to it not healing because you continue to aggtivate it!!!
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