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Bike fit.

I posted a little while ago about what thoughts people had on the Carrera Virago TT, the replies made me reconsider!!

Anyway, am i alone in having trouble finding anyone but online dealers that actually stock the bike i want at a competitive price?

It seems that all the bikes i can possible afford, taking into account my WAT of a boob-job next summer, (for the missus, not me!), are not held by any actual physical shops, and 1.5k of my cash does not want to be spent purely on a picture on a webpage!

I would feel a little tight going to a bike shop and getting a fitting on a bike only to go and order off of the internet as it is 300-400 pounds cheaper there,

I do know the improtance of a good bike fit, however, i can get one of those done for under £100

All i want to do is sit on a couple of bikes!!!

Anyone got any advice?



  • JellybabyJellybaby Posts: 180
    What bike are you looking at? It might be worth saying to the dealer that you have seen it cheaper elsewhere and ask if they can match it. They won't do a proper fit on you anyway until you buy, but they will roughly fit you to it so you can give it a whirl. If they can't match it, then buy elsewhere and go back to them and pay a few quid for a proper fit.

    PS: where in bucks are you?
  • I have seen the QR seduza on wiggle, last years bike, but seems good value to me in my limited knowledge.

    It is just hard finding a dealer with last years bike in stock within reasonable travelling distance.

    I am in Aylesbury by the way.
  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    I'm sure QR have appalling customer service. I was looking at the internet when I was wanting a bike and I asked about QR... I could be wrong.

    However, notwithstanding this its seriously recommened that you get a bike fit. I posted on here that I got a bike that didn't fit and suffered back ache while doing tri and training. Got a new bike, from a bike shop, was fitted for it and hey back ache was gone.

    What you don't want to do is a buy a bike only to find it doesn't fit. I'm sure Conehead will confirm that there was a few who went to the rookie days were sadly told they're bikes didn't fit.
  • Dont worry, i am well aware of the importance of a proper bike fit, and i dont mind paying for it, its just getting the initial sizing right!

    I too found that QR were mentioned a couple of time for poor customer service in the past, but it does seem that whatever you mention, there is always someone who has a bad experience or scary story to tell. It just seems like so many of the stories are second or third hand. Almost turns certain manufacturers into no-go areas, despite being able to get good spec good review bikes??

    Its all too much for my training addled brain

    Where is best to get a bike fit in the south east ??

  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    Not sure as I'm not familiar with Ayelsbury as I'm in Scotland..lol

    There was a few folks who complained about QR, what you don't want tho is to shell out some hard earned cash and then if something does go wrong you can't get the help that you need.

    I would still say rather than the internet, where the risk is greater then to buy from a LBS, you would prob pick up the year before model at a good discount. The ability to shop about and hold onto your cash until you see the "one" is really up to you. I wouldn't just jump at a bike cause it looks fine on the internet. Nothing beats really seeing it up close, after all if you do that you can then see how it feels on you.
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