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FS:Zipp 606, HED Jet 6/9, HED Stinger, Edge 1.45

Hello Everyone

I have a few pairs wheels for sale from my collection all at great prices
- please find a list of the models and prices below:

- HED Jet 6 Front/Jet 9 Rear Clincher Shimano Superb condition: £750
- HED Jet 6 Front/Jet 9 Rear Clincher Campag Superb condition: £750
- Zipp 606 (404 Front/808 Rear) Clincher Shimano Superb condition: £1100
- Edge 1.45/Tune Mig70/Mag180 hubs, Veloflex Tubs Shimano, Immaculate: £1350
- HED Stinger 6 Tubular with Continental Tubs Shimano Superb condition: £875

All are in great condition - on the clincher models there are some slight brake dust marks on the braking surfaces but these aren't worn at all and this is proven by the brake track wear indicators all still being fully visible.
Both tubular wheelsets are in superb condition - the edge 1.45's have only been used for 1km.
Photos available on request and all questions welcome.

Many thanks

Seth Kay


  • KingstonKingston Posts: 2

    did you sell the edge 1.45 tub wheelset?

    If not, will you ship to denmark

  • seselsesel Posts: 3
    PM sent.
  • Hi - did you sell all your wheels?
  • wyno70wyno70 Posts: 189
    I'm interested in the Zipp 606 wheelset you have for sale.

    Is it still for sale and if so, how old are they and what kind of miles have they covered.
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