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Planet X Stealth Pro Carbon TT bike, thoughts??

Hi, looking further in my search for a new tri bike, have come across this bike, the Planet X Stealth pro carbon, comes in a variety of builds at different prices, some within my price range, cant seem to find anything bad related to reputation on the 'net, just wondered if anyone had any experiences of this bike.

Apparently a rebadged frame won a couple of TTs at the TdF last yr.

I would be able to get it fitted by the company so can get a proper fit done.



  • LexLex Posts: 65

    Mine gets delivered this week so Ill let you know mate!!
  • Ive been searching for a TT stead as I am embarking on my first ironman this year and for the money this is what I deem as the best bike. Another thing to bear in mind is that a lot of other triathletes have the bike which serves as a testiment itself.

    However I haven never riden one and not read a direct review but have only heard good things about the bike.

    I really which I could afford to get one but my Focus road bike is going to have to do for now.
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