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London waiting list

Following on from my first triathlon at the end of last season, I'm keen to train and race towards an Olympic distance this season. I had intended this to be London, but when I came to enter, it was full. I'm now on the waiting list, but does anybody know what the chances of the numbers being increased and then actually securing a place?

In the event of not getting in, where is the best place to find alternative Olympic distance races. Or, anybody got any suggested events that I should go for?


  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    where do you live?

    don't worry about missing out on London... the entry fee saved will probably pay for TWO races somewhere else!

  • md6md6 Posts: 969
    have you thought of doing the Hyde Park event? similar (extortionate) price to London and last year seemed to be very well organised etc, plus if you get there early you can watch the elites race
  • Good thought on the Hyde Park event although I had thought this was for the more experienced athletes - as this has a 1200 limit on age groupers.

    I'm based on Manchester, but don't mind traveling.
  • if you're based in manchester, there's tatton park in september. i did the olympic last year and it's a lovely race.
  • iadamaiadama Posts: 60
    I second KidStardust - Tatton was my first OD, and it was a well organised enjoyable event, cheaper than London too.
  • Right, decision made,

    I'm doing Hyde Park London and Tatton Park OD. I don't like Mazda's anyway!
  • good man. i notice boundary breeze on your list. are you a man tri member?
  • I'm not no, but I am debating joining. Is it a pretty good club to be a part of? I'm really liking the flexibity of tri training and wonder whether joining a club will formalise it a little.
  • it is a good club. the sheer number of available coached sessions gives you structure but allows you to maintain flexibility.
  • GrahamRGrahamR Posts: 15
    Did anyone else on the London waiting list get the email saying that they were freeing up about 500 places from 1200 today?

    Did anyone else sit there at their computer at 1200 and keep on trying to follow the link to incessantly get a blank screen or a 'system unavailable' cue?

    Did anyone actually get through and get a place?
  • I did the same, got nowhere
  • Hi,

    Good thought on the Hyde Park event, although I was thinking of leaving the 1200 age group places to the more experienced.

    I'm based in Manchester, but don't mind traveling.
  • i got a e-mail today about the london tri and it having more places, so i logged on and now i have a place! well happy
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