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Swim warm ups & cool downs

Ok so I was at the pool this morning and started my swim session with a typical 250m warm up, did 500m swim drills, 1000m main set, and a 250m cool down.

My swim drills and main set are always very enjoyable and focused as I have specific things I want to work on or a specific pace. However my warm ups and cool downs are my most hated part of any session. What I tend to do for my warm up is a continous 250m swim that gradually increases in tempo and for my cool down I intersperse one length of crawl with a length of breaststroke. I always find these boring and fairly pointless apart from adding a little bit of light intensity volume to my sessions.

Has anyone got any good warm up/cool downs that they use and actually enjoy doing? Or is everyone like me just plodding through the necessities of the WU & CD.

Oh and I can only swim crawl and breaststroke so I lack variation there.


  • risris Posts: 1,002
    backstroke is a really good compliment to fc, if you can find some time to learn that (perhaps use the wu/cd time for that!). you can still get useful laps out of the wu/cd. i quite enjoy practicing the soft-hand, maximum distance per stoke stuff on those laps, i'm trying to soften and loosen up so focusing on technique doesn't hurt.
  • diddsdidds Posts: 655
    I either endeavour to flounder and not drown at some breast and back stroke interspersed with some f/c in my f/c ... something like 4 x lengths @ fc/br/fc/bs ... and i break the w/up and c/d into no more than 100m at a time.

    A typical w/up may look like (in my gym's 20m pool)

    100m f/c easy
    2 x (20m f/c + 20m br + 20m f/c + 20m bs + 20m f/c).

    I concentrate on form for the f/c, increasing the pace for the f/c throughout.

    C/D is a bit of a buggers muddle... I'll either do something similar to the w/up but all "easy", or I'll do 100M then 60m then 40m f/c ...

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