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im france v austria{the bike leg}

hi there guys, just wondering has any one on here done both races?

i did nice last year ,and the bike leg nearly killed my overweight frame and old bike{ but i still made it}.

i dont plan on changing much of my training this year, and have selected im austria as "my" a race.

now my logic is since last years im france was so hot, and the hills so severe, that the same level of fitness{ improved by 15% maybe} should see me fairly ok on the austria bike leg.

from what i have read ,its ment to be ok in comparision to the hellish spin up the hills in beautiful nice.

am i mad, or is my thinking correct?

thank you for your time.



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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Your info is correct: Nice is a killer, Austria is known to be a fast race!

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