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PAL Osmo Personal Dehydration testing Osmometer

Immediate Portable hydration testing for coaches and athletes - Easy to Use.

Price £180 or offers

Available directly through us at Kinetic-One Cycling Dynamics in Stroud. Also listed on ebay. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... 0230203871

Used only 15 times or so in our bike fitting lab.

Bit of an impulse buy. We really don't need this equipment as we tend to only see athletes once or twice. More suited to full on coaching or personal training situations where ongoing repeat info about hydration levels of athletes is needed quickly and non-invasively. So easy to use that any athlete can do it themselves to ensure they are fully hydrated at all times. A vitally imporatn element of both training and competition.

Comes complete in case with all test tubes and pipettes and instructions!

Heres the summary of info which can be found on the leaflet at: http://www.sports-science.co.uk/Text/11 ... 6-4923.pdf

Bought from Vitech in West Sussex, This unit sells for £400 new inc VAT - See : http://www.sports-science.co.uk/index.p ... &content=4

Osmocheck is a portable, personal Osmometer, calibrated from 0 to 1500mOsmols/kgH2O, for use with urine to give in instant measure of dehydration.

A reading of greater than 600mOsmols points to

the start of de-hydration and a reading of over

1000mOsmols is consistant with de-hydration.

The subject should re-hydrate immediately and

stop further exercise until fully hydrated.

Osmocheck will be of great value to individual

sports men and women and to Sports

Physiologists who wish to monitor performance

during training. It is proving to be especially useful in weight

making sports such as boxing and light weight rowing.

Only a few drops of urine are required for an instant reading.

Early morning urine samples are recommended when urine is in

equilibrium with the body.
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