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cleaning rusty chain?

forgot to wash the bike down after a short ride last week,
went back to it today and both the chain and cassette are covered in rust ,
managed to free it up with oil, but with the chain having less than 300miles on it, it looks ruined,
any good tips for putting the shine back on, gratefully recieved.


  • shadowone1shadowone1 Posts: 1,408
    they'll be fine, surface rust only. The chain and cassette are galvanised to stop rust setting it.

    Get some wd40 on the chain and cassette, and loosen it off. Remember wd40 is a degreaser and will break down oil. So once it freed, clean with a chain cleaner or toothbrush and use a degreaser. To clean the cassette, either take it off or take the wheel off and use an old skinny rag and run it up and down the inside of the cassette.

    I always spray metal parts with teflon to help protect the metal espec in the winter months.

    Once its cleaned, use some white lightning all weather oil. You'll always get surface rust, its should be easy to clean off if you maintain it correctly. You should look to clean your chain at least twice a month to get rid of the gunk that gets picked up.
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