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Anyone around Chesterfield/Peaks?

Just wondered if there were any other newbs out there living around Chesterfield way who may be interested in doing a bit of training? Nothing too hardcore or serious, I am a fat man remember!, but maybe a brick training session once a week (20km bike/ 5km run?)
I'm doing it anyway but just figured if there are folks around then maybe we could meet up? (There's no club that close to here, Mansfield or Derby!)


  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    You don't look very fat!

    Make your way over to http://bcttt.com/ - the club that grew out of the forum - as it's web based, members are all over the place. There are one or two around the peaks..
  • Why thank you kind sir! Your not after date are ya!?! lol! - if you note, the belly is strategically missing from the pic

    Cheers for the link, I'll head over and take a look!!
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