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Team Laws Update

Error whilst Doing a Replacement, Error in srv_convert.


  • Dude, I'm new to the forum (and Tri - first sprint in March!) so haven't heard of your awesome 'Team Laws' but I wanna just pass on my best wishes!
    My youngest son was also born premature, although only by a month, and it was a scary time! If I hadn't committed to another sponsored event I would have offered to join you, Me and the little man!, in replicating your valiant effort - I think it's a truly noble quest! GOOD LUCK!!
  • just2trijust2tri Posts: 198
    Great update Ben, good to see the prep is going so well. Now you are part of the A list! Will catch up with you racing Windsor. Mike from Bridgetown is also organizing a workshop in London in the spirng and I will let you know details. How was your sportive with the other guys in Surrey?
  • Nice one Ben! Good to see the momentum is really starting to pick up. And an email from Chrissie W!!! Brilliant! Looking forward to catching up on the 7th for the B'town maintenance training.
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