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for all the rookies

Cheers CH

Plenty of reading there.

Should keep me busy all afternoon at work


  • oh good look forward to reading that

    Thanks conehead

  • Thanks Conehead. Enjoyed reading them
  • Enjoyed them too conemeister! the hrm info all good for us newbies. some nice bikes there too!
    im just finding out how expensive this tri stuff is...il have to find a cheaper hobby like collecting fine art,
    aerobatics or smoking crack..
  • risris Posts: 1,002
    i think ch also has some rookie training days for those who are new to the sport - open water swimming, sighting, wetsuit on and off, nutrition strategies, changing tyres/inners/c02 and all that.
  • Ris, the rookie days look great. I checked out the dates though and I can't do then :-( damn!
  • Cool. I'll keep an eye out
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